Plastic-free packaging + marine plastics

We're surfers and ocean lovers, lucky enough to live near the coast and have the ocean as a regular part of our lives. Having this perspective means we see the problem of marine plastic first hand. As a business it's our responsibility to reduce our impact and be mindful of the processes behind the products we offer. The clothing business is a bit of a bugger for single use plastics, which is why we demand our tees are not delivered to us individually wrapped, and no plastic tag hangers. When we mail out our products we use FSC certified mailers which are recyclable and carbon neutral. They're also easy-open so they don't get muntered in the opening frenzy, ready to step up and get posted again.

This is by no means the cheapest or easiest option, but we believe it is the best we can do right now. We considered biodegradable or compostable plastics, but there are too many conditions needed for these to break down. Jacqueline McGlade, chief scientist at the UN Environment Programme told the Guardian:

“It’s well-intentioned but wrong. A lot of plastics labelled biodegradable, like shopping bags, will only break down in temperatures of 50C and that is not the ocean. They are also not buoyant, so they’re going to sink, so they’re not going to be exposed to UV and break down.”

Full article here

If we're going to tackle the problems faced by marine plastics then we all need to get involved. Small changes in daily habbits, education and awareness are key. Get inspiration from The Plastic Project, Surfers Against Sewage and 2 Minute Beach Clean.

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  • Matt Herivel

Newest addition to the store for Christmas are our gift cards. Featuring a shot of Portleven's finest winter juice these are physical cards as we reckon it's nicer to get something in the post rather than an email.

Available in £10, £20 and £30 here or if you want a different amount drop me an email at matt@atlanticsupply.co.uk and I'll sort you out.

Mark Leary Photography

A few weeks back Atlantic Supply Co were lucky enough to catch up with talented lensman and all-round nice bloke Mark Leary as he dropped us off a supply of his beautiful Salt+Wax books.

If you've not come across this limited edition work then check it out in our store while you still can, as only 600 signed and numbered copies were produced.

Above we've posted some of our favourite prints available from Mark's website, check out more at mark-leary.com

Anchors aweigh!

Well, that was a bit of a mission. Our transition from Kickstarter project to online store was supposed to take about a month, but life sometimes has a funny way of chucking a whopping great spanner in the works. So here we are, a little later than planned and (hopefully) ship shape.

That said, if you're cruising around the store and happen to notice any downright daft mistakes or functionality that just isn't functioning we'd really, really appreciate it if you'd drop us a line at info@atlanticsupply.co.uk

We've got a pile of plans for new products and we're out sourcing other smashing gear from independent, creative and seaworthy types around the Westcountry to tickle your eyeballs. If you like what you see here then grab the newsletter and we'll let you know first when new stuff rolls off the production line.