• Anchors aweigh!
  • Matt Herivel
Anchors aweigh!

Well, that was a bit of a mission. Our transition from Kickstarter project to online store was supposed to take about a month, but life sometimes has a funny way of chucking a whopping great spanner in the works. So here we are, a little later than planned and (hopefully) ship shape.

That said, if you're cruising around the store and happen to notice any downright daft mistakes or functionality that just isn't functioning we'd really, really appreciate it if you'd drop us a line at info@atlanticsupply.co.uk

We've got a pile of plans for new products and we're out sourcing other smashing gear from independent, creative and seaworthy types around the Westcountry to tickle your eyeballs. If you like what you see here then grab the newsletter and we'll let you know first when new stuff rolls off the production line.

  • Matt Herivel